Posted by Bill Richter
Bill Richter, Endowment and Major Gifts Chair
Thanks to District 5710's Donors to The Rotary Foundation
Thanks to all of you who contribute to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) – however much, however often, and whether to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or The Endowment. You know that TRF is one of the most effective and efficient charities in the world and that most of the good work it does is carried out by fellow Rotarians. Our district has seen the positive impact TRF support has had through global grants, district grants, support to peace fellows, and much more. I am sure that most Rotarians donate to TRF for the good our donations accomplish rather than for the thanks or recognition we might receive. But Rotary does provide recognition for significant contributions to TRF – and we rightly celebrate when Rotarians or others are named Paul Harris Fellows (in recognition of a $1000 gift to the Annual Fund and/or Polio Plus) or Benefactors (in recognition of an outright or planned gift of $1000 to TRF’s Endowment). Rotary also recognizes levels of cumulative giving and planned giving. I want to give special thanks to all of you who are Major Donors and members of the Bequest Society – and to share some numbers to let you know how many of you there are in District 5710.
Major Donors
Rotary designates individuals who have cumulatively donated $10,000 or more as Major Donors. Our most recent records list 115 Major Donors in our district, including some who are no longer living and a few who are still living but no longer reside in Kansas. The 91 living donors include 75 at Major Donor Level 1 ($10,000-$24,999), 11 at Level 2 ($25,000-$49,999), 4 at Level 3 ($50,000-$99,999), and 1 at Level 4 ($100,000-$249,999). Donors at $250,000 and above are invited to join the Arch Klumph Society (AKS), named for the founder of The Rotary Foundation a century ago. Four living District 5710 couples are AKS members.
Bequest Society
Similarly, Rotary recognizes commitments of future gifts of $10,000 or more with membership in the Bequest Society. A total of 76 Rotarians (individuals or couples) in District 5710 have become Bequest Society members, of whom 72 are still living. Again, there are various levels (with the same dollar ranges), with 52 at Level 1, 13 at Level 2, 2 at Level 3, 4 at Level 4, and 1 at Level 5 ($250,000-$499,999). In several instances, Bequest Society members are also Major Donors.
Club Participation
Major Donors and Bequest Society members are found in 30 of our district’s 45 clubs, scattered throughout the district. The club with the largest number is the Topeka Rotary Club, with 22, of whom 19 are still living. Second and third are Shawnee (14, all living) and Shawnee Mission (13, of whom 9 are still living). Congratulations to these clubs for their outstanding support to The Rotary Foundation.