Posted by Stephanie Meyer on Nov 30, 2022
RI President Jennifer Jones recently wrote in Rotary Magazine about literacy projects abroad. The Manhattan Rotary Club and other clubs in our district have been involved with Community Early Learning grants from Save the Children. I am announcing today my decision to establish a Basic Education and Literacy Chair for District 5710. I invite any Rotarians who might be interested in serving in that position to let me know during the month of December, 2022, so that I can make the appointment soon after the new year.
The person chosen to serve as chair will have an opportunity to shape our district’s work in this important area but the following are suggested responsibilities:
1. Encourage clubs in the district to have basic education and literacy service projects;
2. Notify clubs and Rotarians in the district of grant and other opportunities in this area;
3. Maintain liaison with the Basic Education and Literacy Rotary Action Group (BELRAG) and possibly other districts with basic education and literacy chairs.
4. Be an advocate and champion for basic education and literacy, at home and abroad, including a willingness to speak to Rotary clubs on this subject.
Simply email me ( an expression of your interest and any additional information you care to provide, prior to December 31. Thank you for your consideration.