Posted by Chuck Udell
Attract New Members – Engage All Members
Our Rotary year is now 7 months old with 5 months to go.  During this time our clubs have added 134 new members which is super.  Thank you to our club leaders and members for making this happen. However, we have lost 157 members which brings our net district membership to 1,933 – a net loss of 23 since July 1, 2022.
15 of our district clubs are bucking this trend in that they have a net gain of members – and 5 of these clubs have a net gain 5 or more Rotarians — congrats to these clubs!
How are these clubs doing this?  Consider the following three keys to attract and keep more members by Emily Tucker, Supervisor, Regional Membership Development at Rotary International: 
  1. Make sure your club experience is delivering what people want. Jennifer Jones, Rotary International president continually states that the care and comfort of your members is critical to the long term success and sustainability of your club
  2. Tell your story so well your community knows what you’re doing. How well do you know the folks at your local news outlets? Do you consistently send them stories about all the wonderful community support your club does?
  3. Be thoughtful about who’s missing from your club and work to establish genuine
relationships and partnerships with those people in your communities.  Are their vocations not represented in your club?   Do you invite those from these vocations and other non-Rotarians to participate in your service projects?
The club experience is what Emily and President Jennifer state is so important. How is yours and how do insure this experience is what your members want and prospects seek? 
We need to first find out what your club is doing well and areas where more attention is needed.  The Rotary Club Health Check can help your club find this out fast.  It can be downloaded from the District 5710 website – membership tab at  Our membership team can and will be happy to help your club administer this,
There will be coming soon from your district membership team some tools that will help your club experience especially for new Rotarians to get even better.  We will let you know when they will be available on the membership tab, district website. One tool will be a mentorship template & orientation check list that clubs can use. 
So back to my question about how are some clubs in our district showing a net growth in membership?  To find some answers - attend our Monday February 13th Quarterly Membership Zoom Conversation (5:30 pm to 6:27 pm) to find out!   Hear from some of these club presidents and a president from a club outside our district. 
Club presidents, PE’s, and membership chairs will soon receive their zoom invite.  Others, please email me at for the link.  Our membership conversations are open to all Rotarians
Rotary offers so much to people of all ages thru community service, friendship, and a chance to develop professionally. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can introduce more people to the wonderful gift of Rotary?