Posted by Steven Graham
Under the direction of the past District Governor, Vern Henricks, the club embarked on the "Love the Little Apple Project”. In collaboration with the Overland Park Rotary Club and Feed the Hungry, the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation and the Manhattan University Christian Church, the Club receives truckloads of products (alcohol wipes, deodorant, perfume, makeup, lotion, and more). Club members then staff the facility and encourage local and regional nonprofits to shop for products that will serve their clientele. All products are free.
The club welcomed new members Gary Powell, Senior Manager for Sink, Gordon & Associates LLP, and Katharine Hensler, Director of the Riley County Historical Museum.
The Club revived the Student of the Month program with the first student of the month for the year, Darleen Ferrer-Stricker. Her parents Darwin Ferrer and Eileen Stricker were in attendance when their student was honored.
The club celebrated Dr. Paul Bullock (pictured at right), an optometrist, for 50 years of membership in the Manhattan Rotary Club. Paul joined on February 20, 1973. The club donated a $100 in his honor to the Rotary Foundation and presented him with a Rotary hoodie. Members will be presenting another Paul Harris Fellow to Paul at a later date. 
In conjunction with the Konza Club, Rotarians Julie Gibbs, Director Riley County Health Department, and Bob Copple, President Via Christi Hospital, were honored with a Paul Harris and a Paul Harris +1, respectively. Both were jointly honored for coordinating COVID relief efforts in Manhattan and the surrounding communities.
Rotaract advisor Chris Culbertson shipped two 40+ pound boxes of birthing kits to a Rotary Club in Nigeria. This is the third such shipment to clubs in Nigeria this fiscal year.
During February Rotaractors and President Steven volunteered at the Manhattan Emergency and cleaned, restocked the food pantry, and sorted donations. Rotaractors also participated in the K177 Boat Ramp Cleanup at the Fairmont Boat Launch.
The Club sponsored two students for the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship. Students were interviewed in Lawrence in mid-February.
The club elected officers: Mitzi Richards - President; Randy Peterson - President Elect and Chair of the Grants and Contributions Committee; Chris Culbertson - Vice Chair and Chair of PolioPlus; Steven Graham - Past President; Tara Claussen - Secretary; and Janet Lowell - Treasurer.  Directors elected are: Shelley Carver; Jayson Cyr; Rebecca Gould; Claudia Petrescu; Tom Phillips; and Bob Ward. All take office July 1, 2023.
Randy Peterson presented the January Cup Money to Scott Voos, Director of Be Able, a day facility for those who are home free. Over 800 Neighbors were served at the local facility in 2022.