Message from DG Jenalea Randall

Excitement is in the air!! Our district has so many amazing activities in store over the next couple of months! I hope you’re ready and have reserved time on your calendars.
First up – Gathering for Good benefit for the Rotary Foundation. It is going to be a totally rad evening blasting back to the 80s. Grab your Aquanet hair spray, pop your collar and JOIN the FUN! Not to put a plug in, but my family has donated an incredible crab and shrimp boil for 15 people. If you’re the highest bidder of this live auction item, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal, drink, and butter – oh so much butter! Bibs are required. Silverware is nowhere in sight!
Has your club decided which high school students it will sponsor for RYLA ‘24? Applications are due April 30. The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is life changing, and for many it is there first opportunity to spend time on a college campus. RYLA ’24 will be June 2 to 6 at the University of Kansas. Submit the applications in as soon as possible! Learn more here!
As we enter into the fourth quarter of this Rotary year, it is exciting to watch District Governor-elect Tamara begin her transition into the District Governor role and I am inspired by the energy of the president-elects. If you’d like a visit by your current DG (yours truly), please contact me. I’d be honored to speak at your club, attend a social event, or volunteer alongside you.
Jenalea Randall
District Governor, 2023-24
Member, Topeka South Rotary

Club & District News and Events

Save the Date for the Rotary District Conference! 
October 24-26 in Leavenworth, Kansas
Stay tuned for more info!
It will be magical!
Rotary and Polio Plus
Dear District 5710 Polio Eradication Warriors,
Dear Polio Eradication Warriors,
Unfortunately, there is sad news in Rotary’s race to End Polio: Two new Wild Polio cases reported this month in Pakistan.
Pakistani authorities are racing to confront and control this outbreak and are tracking all locations in the country where environmental testing finds traces of the virus.
Save The Children: Be Sure Your Club Sets and Meets its 2023-2024 Polio Goal and helps fund the work of all parts of the Polio Plus Campaign:
Here’s important facts that show how your donations are providing more than just the Polio Vaccine: for example, since 1998 the polio workers, along with the “2-Drops”, also distributed 82 million doses of Vitamin A saving the lives of1.25 Million Kids; and in 2023, 64 million doses of the Measles vaccine, 7 Million does of Yellow Fever vaccine, & 4 Million Bed Nets.
Save the Date: World Immunization Week, 24-30 April – Promote Polio Plus
The World Health Organization recognizes 24-30 April each year as World Immunization Week. Rotary and our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative use the annual event to highlight the critical importance of polio vaccinations in protecting children from the debilitating effects of polio. World Immunization Week is also a key moment in the year to show the success of vaccines in reducing polio cases by more than 99.9% since the GPEI was established in 1988, which provides proof that #VaccinesWork. 
Promote Awareness of Polio Eradication: Share the “Countdown to History”
This is the year to proudly wear your END POLIO NOW button along with your Rotary pin and be prepared to tell all who ask what it means, about Rotary’s #1 Priority, the End of Polio. Add a “Polio Eradication Minute” story or status from the Countdown to each meeting. Set a great Polio Plus support example for your club’s members by making your own donation as a Polio Plus Society Member and encouraging others to sign up. TOGETHER, WE END POLIO!
And “We are…This Close” as shown in our “Countdown to History”
Call/email me for help / (913) 200-0514 ~ / Jim Arnett, Polio Plus 5710 Chair  
Wild Poliovirus Weekly Update
Week Ending 1 April 2024
Total number of wild cases in 2020:  140
Total number of wild cases in 2021:  6
Total # of wild poliovirus cases in 2022: 30(20 in Pakistan!)        
Total # of wild poliovirus cases in 2023: 12(6 in Pakistan!)       
Total # of wild poliovirus cases in 2024: 2 (Sad news!)
      (compared with Total of 1 for the same period in 2023)
Total number of Circulating Vaccine Derived cases - 2024:9
 (vs. totals in 2021: 698; & 914 in 2022, with 523 in 2023)
Please Donate @ 
PETS Wrap up
All work and a little play makes for a fun day; some PETS attendees gathered at The Alley in Salina to enJOY some fellowship!
We were happy to host guest speakers from Rotary International to provide valuable information to our Presidents Elect; pictured here are DGE Tamara, DGND Michelle, DG Jenalea, DGN Deb Minkler (D5680), Pat Merryweather-Arges (RI), Tom Gump (RI), PDG Stephanie and DGE Jeff Horlacher (D5680).
PETS is a wrap for our 2024-2025 Presidents Elect --- here is a picture of everyone from our district who traveled to Salina for a great training session; thanks to all for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend!
2024 Rotary International Convention in Signapore
Hello fellow Rotarians,
There is still time to get registered for our May RI Convention!
Our RI Convention for President McInally's year of Create Hope in the World will be held in beautiful Singapore, May 25-29, 2024.
If you were ever thinking about visiting Singapore to see the sights, why not kill two birds with one stone and attend the Rotary Convention while you are visiting.
As a recent attendee of my first RI Convention, I can tell you that this is a great way to connect, fellowship, and break bread with other Rotarians from places all over the world.  My trip to Australia was eye-opening in many ways and a great deal of fun (despite the 17 hour and 20-minute plane ride to and from)!
For a little information regarding Singapore and the convention take a look at this link:
And, if I might assist you in getting registered for the convention, and/or you need additional information about the RI Convention please don't hesitate to shoot me an email ( or give me a call (913-240-7132///Cell).
Thanks for your time & attention --- hope you all have a great Rotary Day!!!
In Rotary,
District Grants Training - Save the Date
District 5710 Club Grants for 2024
Is your club planning on submitting a District Grant funds application for 2024?
Please mark your calendars for this year’s District Grants Training on Monday, April 29th at 5:30pm via Zoom. Click here to Register for this Training. 
A basic requirement to be eligible to apply for a District Grant is that each club must have at least one club member who has attended a District Grants Training/Certification Seminar within the last three years prior to the application deadline date, which is August 31, 2024.
More information to follow, with preliminary grant forms posted on the district website ( in the first quarter.  For additional information or questions, please contact Greg Shondell, District 5710 Grants Subcommittee Chair,
District Training
Heartland Multi-District PETS (March 21st-March 23rd) was a great success! District 5710 and 5680 President-elects attended facilitated learning sessions that were designed to provide them with knowledge and tools as they prepare for their year as Club Presidents.  Attendees also had opportunities to meet, socialize, and collaborate with fellow PEs from across both districts and to hear and meet distinguished Rotary leaders. It was a weekend that focused on providing our President-elects and guests a menu of purposeful presentations and facilitated learning sessions balanced with so many opportunities to collaborate, socialize, have fun, and prepare to contribute to The Magic of Rotary!
Please let us know if your club is interested in hosting (providing a conference room/site) for an RLI (Rotary Learning Institute).  We intend to keep a hybrid design: Friday a Zoom mtg from 5:30-8:30 PM, and the in-person session on Saturday from approximately 8:30 AM-5:00 PM.
Note the attached Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) scholarships opportunities below.  Apply now so you can secure enrollment!
Yours in Rotary,
DeEtte Lombard and Ellen Bogdan
District Learning Co-Chairs
KLC Leadership Grants

District 5710 Leadership Transformation Grants

District 5710  has been awarded 25 grants to participate in the programs of the Kansas Leadership Center. The Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities.

The KLC offers three programs that build on each other:

When Everyone Leads is the introductory one-day program that focuses on personal leadership competencies.  It focuses on leadership as an activity – recognizing that every individual has the capacity to lead.  It helps participants stretch and grow their leadership while addressing their toughest challenges.  When Everyone Leads is valued at $149.
Your Leadership Edge is the seminal, two-day deep dive into individual leadership for those who have completed When Everyone Leads.  It focuses on helping leaders understand how to move out of their comfort zone and engage in meaningful leadership.  It centers on the KLC’s leadership framework based on Five Guiding Principles and Four Profound Competencies.  Your Leadership Edge is valued at $399.
Lead For Change is reserved for teams who have already completed the other two KLC courses.  It is an immersive, three-day training that must be experienced in a team. Lead For Change is valued at $799 per individual.

Who Should Attend?

Each club should consider sending up and coming leaders from their club and community.  The virtual sessions are an ideal option.. Leaders who have done the first program should consider the second program.

How To Register
To Sign Up for When Everyone Leads or Your Leadership Edge, we ask that you do two things:

1.Visit the KLC website at:  Create a personal account and register using the code Rotary2024 to waive the tuition fee.
2.Notify District  Learning Facilitators,  of your interest in order that we might track Rotarians who are taking advantage of this grant.

When Everyone Leads is the introductory one-day program that focuses on personal leadership competencies.  It focuses on leadership as an activity – recognizing that every individual has the capacity to lead.  It helps participants stretch and grow their leadership while addressing their toughest challenges.  When Everyone Leads is valued at $149.

Virtual Program Dates
March 5  ǁ  August 20  ǁ  October 2-3 (Evenings)  ǁ  December 10

In Person Program Dates - Wichita

April 16  ǁ  June 18  ǁ  July 23  ǁ September 12  ǁ  November 12

In Person Program Date – Kansas City

May 23

Your Leadership Edge is the seminal, two-day deep dive into individual leadership for those who have completed When Everyone Leads.  It focuses on helping leaders understand how to move out of their comfort zone and engage in meaningful leadership.  It centers on the KLC’s leadership framework based on Five Guiding Principles and Four Profound Competencies.  Your Leadership Edge is valued at $399.

Virtual Program Dates
February 27-28 ǁ  May 21-22  ǁ  September 24-25  ǁ   November 19-20

In Person Program Dates - Wichita

March 19-20  ǁ  April 23-24  ǁ  June 25-26  ǁ  October 22-23

In Person Program Date – Kansas City

July 17-18

Lead For Change is reserved for teams who have already completed the other two KLC courses.  It is an immersive, three-day training that must be experienced in a team. Lead For Change is valued at $799 per individual.  Those interested in Lead For Change must make arrangements through the District Learning Facilitators.

In Person Program Dates - Wichita
March 26-28  ǁ  August 6-8  ǁ  October 15-17

Registration for all programs closes two weeks before the program.

Update on our Global Grant Scholar Mattie Vandel
District 5710 Global Grant Scholar Mattie Vandel is working on a unique Global Studies master’s program through Humboldt University in Berlin. Her Global Studies program is a two-year program where they study in Berlin for a while, then go abroad to various locations to study.
Mattie arrived at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand for spring semester in late January. She is busy with her classes and family visits. 
Here in her own words is an update received on 3/23/2024:
“This week is quite a busy one for me. I have a couple essays due for my courses. I think by the time this semester is over, I will have 60 pages of final essays due. I am trying to stay on top of writing so I do not have a stressful last couple of weeks! The other day we had a speaker from Amnesty International come in to speak about human rights work in Southeast Asia. We also had a speaker about exploitation in the Thai fishing industry. Both of which were very interesting.
I will be traveling around SE Asia for a bit in May (including Vietnam and Cambodia) before heading to the Rotary conference in Singapore. I'll be back in KC right after that, around the beginning of June, to start my internship at Global Ties KC. I have loved being in Bangkok but I am also very stoked to be stateside this summer.
I heard back from the Bangkok South Rotary Club. I am planning to attend a luncheon in a couple of weeks.  I may be volunteering at their largest charity event later in April called Kids Day Out, where they organize an accessible beach day for disabled Thai children.
My parents just came to visit the week before last and we went north to Chiang Mai to take a cooking class and visit an ethical elephant sanctuary among other things. My brother and his wife will also be visiting me a week from today- lots of visitors! I am glad I can share this experience with my family.”  Mattie Vandel.
Thanks to our Scholarship committee, to District 5710 leadership for funding and restarting the Global Grant Scholarship, and for those clubs who help find good candidates to apply. It is exciting to have an excellent scholar studying abroad and representing District 5710.
Steven M. Graham, Chair
Education and Scholarships Committee
Rotary District 5710
Rotary Peace Fellowship
Each year, Rotary awards up to 130 fully funded fellowships for leaders from around the world to study at one of seven peace centers through a master’s degree or certificate program. Six of the 1,700 Rotary Peace Fellow alums are from District 5710 including David Kozar, Summer Lewis, Katrina Lewis, Vibhavari Jani, Ryadi Adityavarman and Jennifer Montgomery.  Jennifer, our most recent fellow, will speak at Gathering for Good on April 6.
 A Peace Fellow Committee has been organized and includes Farron Barr, Katrina Lewis, Andrea Norris, Beth Powers, Jenalea Randall, Debra Rodenbaugh-Schaub, and Chuck Udell. Chuck was past District chair and has been a great mentor. The Peace Fellow application process opened in February and the committee is communicating with potential applicants.
To learn more about the newest peace center at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, Turkey check out the February issue of the Rotarian.
Dates to Remember
  •       Candidate applications are accepted from 1 Feb - 15 May 
  •       Staff review 15 May - June 
  •       Scoring of qualified applicants - July - September
  •       Selection of finalists - Sept - October
  •       Candidate notification - November
Paul Harris Fellowship Opportunity!
Working toward your *FIRST* Paul Harris Fellow?  A Matching opportunity!
Here’s a great matching opportunity!  PDG Deb Rodenbaugh-Schaub is offering Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) matching points to District 5710 Rotarians who are working toward their *FIRST* PHF!   The details:  For a $100 donation to The Rotary Foundation, PDG Deb will match with 100 PHF points.  Limited to the first 30 *Non-PHF* $100+ donors, beginning 2/14/24  — and limited to a 100 pts match per eligible donor. This matching challenge will run through 6/30/24. Once the donation is made to The Rotary Foundation, be sure to email PDG Deb with the Subject line:  “RIF Donation Made!” — PDG Deb’s email:
Thank you for supporting The Rotary Foundation!
Endowment & Major Gifts Update
My drive to the Osawatomie Rotary Club meandered from Topeka, through Overbrook, skirting Ottawa and a nifty, scenic drive through the rolling hills of Franklin and Miami Counties. Many tidy neat farms, with a hundred pumpjacks rusting idle in the pastures. I was unaware of the oil background of the area. Getting out to other clubs is always a delightful and eye-opening experience.
The Osawatomie Club meets at Noon Tuesday at the Whistle Stop Café. As a traditional smaller club, it was great to hear an invocation, and to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-Way Test! Osawatomie is making it happen locally with an annual golf tournament fund-raiser supporting their big youth project. I enjoyed doing the Great Rotary Endowment Game Show with the enthusiastic Rotarians with great audience participation! A really fun club.
In addition to their superb local efforts, I challenged them to join in $100+$100+$100 in 2024! That’s $100 to the Rotary International annual fund, $100 to Polio Plus and $100 to the RI endowment. Go to and you can sign up for any amount of gifting in all three funds in about five minutes.
I am still looking for opportunities to speak to your club about endowment and major gifts. Call me at 785-267-8782 (daytime work) or  (same) to connect and get energized about the Rotary International Foundation.
Rotary International professional Lizzy King (1-847-866-3017 or is also eager to visit with anyone about making a major gift or funding the Rotary endowment.
The Rotary Foundation 
Let’s Go Back To the 80s! This weekend we will host our 4th Annual Gathering For Good! This year our live auction will have a Vegas condo again, a wine tasting, beer experience, and crab boil experience. We have several unique items listed for our silent auction as well. It will be 80s night with a DJ playing 80s tunes all night. Everyone is encouraged to dress in 80s attire of your choice. This is not required though. We will also have 80s trivia. The live auction will feature our auctioneer extraordinaire, Charlie Moon, once again. This year, the Gathering For Good will be held at the Doubletree by Hilton in Lawrence. This event will be a very fun filled night with all of the funds raised going to The Rotary Foundation Annual fund in the name of the person purchasing any item that is available. DGN-D Michelle Sink has been reaching out to the club presidents about putting together club baskets for our silent auction. We have already seen some great ideas! If you have an idea for a silent or live auction item, please contact me ( or Michelle Sink ( We can discuss where your item or auction package can be placed. Last year, we raised over $25,000 in one night and had a wonderful time! I hope you can join us and help us raise even more this year.
Just as a reminder, any of us in the District Foundation committee would be happy to speak with you or present to your club on several Foundation topics, including Endowment/Major Gifts, Global Scholars, Global grants, District grants, Paul Harris Society, Polio Plus, and alternative ways to give a significant gift to The Rotary Foundation (TRF). I encourage you to reach out to us if you would like us to present to you.
As of March 28th, we have, as a district, given 48% of what we contributed last year to TRF Annual fund and 63% to Polio Plus. With 3 months left in our Rotary year, we are getting closer to matching or exceeding our numbers from last year. 78% of our clubs have donated at least something to one of the Rotary Foundation areas and we are all very delighted you did. If you have not made your contribution to TRF yet this year, I would encourage you to do so in the next three months. Your District Foundation committee is dedicated to helping our members with various ways of contributing to TRF and with various ideas for projects that can benefit from those funds.
An example of how your TRF funds are being utilized is through our Global Grants (GGs). We have five GGs currently in process, two that are waiting for approval, and three that are being drafted.   Our Global Grant committee just agreed to commit $5,000 to a project in Panama which would be providing interactive classrooms in their schools for a better learning process. This grant is currently seeking more funding. If you or your club would like to be a part of this global grant for Panama, please contact me for more details. We have 19 Rotarians from our district and D5680 going to Guatemala this month to serve the Patanatic community and observe the Global Grant currently being implemented that is designed to train 18 health promoters in their community. If you would like to learn more about any of the Global Grants our district is involved with, please reach out to me. I would be happy to discuss them further.  
If you would like to learn more about Major Gifts and Endowment giving, please join us at 3:00pm at Doubletree by Hilton on April 6th (just before the Gathering For Good) for a session led by RI Major Gifts Officer, Eric Thompson. He has graciously agreed to meet with us to discuss the many unique ways in which you can make a significant gift to TRF.
We also see the impact of all of your District Grant projects throughout our district and in your community. Thank you for all of your efforts so far!
RYLA 2024
First things first, Everyone, make sure this date is in your calendar of choice: APRIL 30th
You may be wondering, why does that date matter, that is when RYLA APPLICATIONS are due. Please send the completed applications to Mandy Sheldon. If you need some idea of what RYLA is, check out this Video from Rotary International. If there is anything else, reach out to me at
Just as a reminder: 
  • Carla and I will reach out to the students once they have been selected. 
  • RYLA is June 2nd - 6th @ KU
Finally, repeat after me, I WILL NOT FORGET ABOUT APRIL 30th!!!!!
Daisy More
(Junction City - Topeka)
Carla Wieger 
(Topeka - Leavenworth) 
Anti-Human Trafficking Committee Update

At our last meeting (March 6) the committee brainstormed ideas on how to "spread the word" within our district. Some of the ideas include:

•   Encouraging our legislators to support legislation that will reduce demand and support victims.

•   Continuing to work with the Human Trafficking Advisory Board (HTAB) to accomplish the above.

•   Inviting Club Presidents to have an AHT contact in their clubs and encourage them to attend our meetings.  As soon as our next committee meeting is scheduled we will send an email to all club presidents in our district.

•   Continuing with "Rotary Cares Kit" district grants and expanding club participation. Our partner victim support organizations really appreciate them.

•   Getting more information about the Mekong Club that is creating a video warning youth and adults about the dangers of being trafficked into scamming centers. The Thailand Rotary Action Group Against Slavery (TRAGAST) - - is requesting donations to support this project.

•   Adding a line item to the District budget to fund the District AHT committee’s information and project activities so that we may be more effective.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments that will assist our committee in raising awareness of this problem.  My contact information is  913.710.4541  Thank you for your cooperation and insights.

Leavenworth Rotary
Irish Stew Dinner a Big Success! Even the wee folk love the Rotary Club of Leavenworth's Irish Stew Dinner! Photo credit: Alisa Mahone Murphy.
Thanks to our community for coming out to support our 42d annual Irish Stew Dinner. Below, Past President Derek is having fun selling tickets for our bucket of suds Foundation’s fundraiser! What’s better than hosting the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade’s Grand Marshal…hosting a whole table full of Grand Marshals and former Grand Marshals!
Below, another wee lad enjoying the festivities! Members of the Cody Choraliers performed barber-shop style Irish tunes throughout the evening. Serving with smiles!
Happy to welcome transfer member from Village West Rotary, Robert Lofthouse (right); he is pictured here with Brian Voorhees.
Manhattan Rotary
President-elect, Randy Peterson presented the February Cup Money “big check” to Kathy Ray, Executive Director of the Crisis Center. Funds will be used to repair an oven damaged in a small fire.
The Club introduced new members Stacy Smith, Executive Assistant and Grant Manager at the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, and Brian Niehoff, Associate Vice Provost and Professor Emeritus at Kansas State University.
The Club hosted Students of the Month, Amanda Payne and Miles Braxmeyer. Parents Amy and Chris Payne and Debra Braxmeyer attended the meetings. Both students will be attending Kansas State University in the fall.  
The Rotaract Club members, together with Past President Steven Graham volunteered at the Manhattan Emergency Shelter.  Rotaractors, vice president Chris Culbertson and past-president Steven Graham watered and mulched trees in Northeast Community Park as part of the club’s environmental support focus.
The Club celebrated the life of fellow Rotarian Phil Howe who died on March 17. Phil joined the Club in 2001. He embodied Service above Self through his philanthropy and unwavering commitment to serving our community. Phil was a Paul Harris Fellow plus 7.
The Club hosted Ron Fehr, Manhattan City Manager; retiring after a 42-year career. After his presentation of behind the scenes stories of Manhattan’s landmark accomplishments, challenges and a few natural disasters during his tenure, he was honored with a Paul Harris Fellow.
Bob Ward, Foundation Chair, presented Karen Cole with a Paul Harris + 3 recognizing her continued generous contributions to the Rotary Foundation. 
ROTARY ON TAP was hosted at the Wareham Opera House. Blade Mages shared the vision to restore this historic venue to a multi-purpose performing arts venue.
The Community Cares Chest distributed products to over ten nonprofit organizations. 
Manhattan Konza Rotary

Twice a year, the Manhattan Konza Rotary Club gathers to clean up along the 2 mile stretch of Linear Trail between Guilty Biscuit and the Four Points by Sheraton. 23 Konza Rotarians, family members, and friends braved the chilly weather for this year's Spring clean up effort on Saturday, March 23rd. 

Some of the more notable items found during the Spring gathering were furniture, 10 empty bottles of Fireball, an entire box full of a CD collection, bow of a bow and arrow, and a purse with apple sauce inside. After the clean up, club members took part in Club in a Pub at Powercat Sports Grill.

PDG Deb Rodenbaugh-Schaub & Past Pres Patrick Schaub of Manhattan Konza Rotary Club heightened awareness of Rotary International during the 2024 Manhattan St Patrick’s Day Parade.
Overland Park South Rotary
On Wednesday February 28, Overland Park South members met at Heart to Heart International to help assemble 900 hygiene kits for our February service project. These kits are distributed to health programs supporting people in need of essential hygiene items and to areas affected by a natural disaster. They are the first line of defense against the spread of illness and can help prevent the spread of disease. A great time was had by all!
Shawnee Rotary
The Rotary Club of Shawnee Announces a Change of Leadership Roles for 2024-2025 year!
Because change is healthy, the Rotary Club of Shawnee has decided on new Board roles for the upcoming Rotary year.  Rather than a stagnant Board, it was agreed that each Board member will rotate positions each month.  The president will become sergeant at arms after one month, sergeant of arms will become secretary, the secretary will become treasurer and ultimately the  president elect will become president.  It will rotate for the entire year and the then-current president (for the month) can change any matters previously voted upon.
We are excited for:
  1. The unknown and constant confusion.
  2. The hope that this reporter doesn’t get booted from the club.
  3. Happy April Fools’ Day!

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