District Grants (DG)
District Grants (DG) are grants managed by the district with funding received from The Rotary Foundation based on a portion of the Annual Programs (SHARE) Fund giving from three years prior.  The donations from district Rotarians are invested by The Rotary Foundation for three years at which time one-half of the donations are placed in the World Fund of the Foundation for Global Grants (see below) and other Foundation programs.  The other half of the donations come back to the district as District Designated Funds (DDF).  A portion of the DDF is then allocated for District Grants.
DG are intended to fund short-term projects (completed within the current Rotary year) of individual clubs in the District.  Funds available to individual clubs are based on their Rotary Foundation SHARE giving from three years prior, plus possible bonus dollars for reaching STAR Club status in the current year.  This portion of available District funds is referred to as Allocated Funds.  Allocated Funds do require matching dollars from the local clubs, based on a formula outlined.  Applications are due August 31st, and are reviewed by the District Grants Subcommittee.  Detail guidelines and application are located on the District Grants page in the left-hand column.
Each club may submit as many grant applications as necessary to receive and allocate their maximum club Allocated Funds.  Allocated Funds not requested by clubs and/or approved by the district for grants, will be considered to be District Discretionary Funds.  Each club is allowed one grant application for District Discretionary Funds, and is not subject to any specific dollar limit.  All Discretionary Funds grant applications will be reviewed by the District Grants Subcommittee and will be awarded solely based on the merit of the project.
Global Grants
Global Grants, which include Global Grant Scholarships, are grants managed by Rotary International and an individual club requesting the grant.  Funding is provided from the World Fund which is comprised of half of the Annual Program Fund giving from all Rotary Clubs worldwide, three years ago.  After the Rotarian donations have been invested by the Foundation for three years, the donations are placed in a pool and international project applications received from clubs are evaluated by the RI Foundation staff and funded as appropriate and as funding resources allow.
Global Grants are intended for larger projects that can span Rotary years.  Global Grant Scholarships fund one year of post-baccalaureate study at a recognized university in a country other than the United States.  The funding minimum by TRF is $15,000 with a minimum project cost of $30,000.  Club funding in the formula is matched $.50 per $1 and DDF matched $1 for $1.  A combination of funding sources is involved.  An application, report form and guidelines are available for viewing/download on the TRF web page (Link:  rotary.org/en/grants).
Greg Shondell  (Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club)
District 5710 Grants Subcommittee Chair