Is your club looking for a program idea or speaker for a meeting? 

Here are some program ideas and contacts suggested by other clubs in the district:


Johnson County Animal Response Team, (JoCART) and Disaster Preparedness for Pets—Presented by Sherry Oswald or Carla Lewis (Sherry -
Derek Schmidt, Kansas Attorney General
Ken Selzer, Commissioner of Insurance
Carl DiCapo, Rotarian (Club 13) and Restaurateur (Italian Gardens) - known as Mr. Rotary
Tyrone Flowers, Higher M-Pact                                                                                           (For more info on the last three speakers, contact Evelyn Hornaday with Lenexa Rotary)
Bill Severns, Author, Keepers of the Sandlot, 913-544-5878,
Craig Wolfe, Communications Director, KS Sierra Club, The Climate Crisis: Threats and Opportunities (download info sheet at left)
Anne Brewer, How Domestic Violence Impacts the Workplace,
Jamie Hofling, Climate and Energy Project, Energy Efficient Programs Affecting Kansans. Click here for more info.
Joe Reardon, The Future of Public Transportation - KC MSA -
Greg Knapp, Radio KCMO 710 - 103.7 -
Brent Thiessen/John Scott Dickson, Missouri Mavericks Professional Hockey Team (GM/Head Coach)
Sean Maher, Anheuser Busch Vice President
Sheryl Parker and Greg Carter, Bee Keeping,
Kendell Gannon, THE WILL WALL, Do you owe gratitude to someone? And other things FOOTBALL by the former quick snapper for the Chiefs.
Harry Campbell has written two books about leadership and positive momentum and in 2015 he gave 108 speeches about the topic. 
David Huston, Winter Olympic Curling Find out more about the sport of curling in Kansas City. Also has a program on KC BBQ Contests.
Rabbi Zalman, program that includes extracting olive oil & explains its significance in the Jewish religion.
Jancita Warrington,  Haskell Indian Nations University Cultural Center & Museum- presents the largely unknown history of Haskell. 785-749-8404 x686
Alex Burden, Truman Library and Museum.
Joel Goldberg, Kansas City Royals
Russ Thaden is a retired US Army Colonel. He was in intelligence and his area of focus is the Middle East.
Jacob Neece, DPT; Aging Drivers and Rehabilitation, Driver Evaluation Program. Contact:
Adrian Zink, Author, Hidden History of Kansas
If you have a suggestion for a speaker, please email it to